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At Edge Video, a pioneering Web3 company, we leverage cookies and similar technologies to enhance your interaction, gaming, and shopping experience on our FAST channels via a seamless QR code system. Our use respects your privacy, focusing on non-personal, anonymous data collection in line with our Web3 ethos.

Platform Use

  • Essential Cookies: Enable core platform functionality, ensuring reliability and security of our Web3 interactions.
  • Analytics Cookies: Help us understand platform usage and performance to improve our AI-powered features without tracking personal details.
  • Functional Cookies: Support the Web3 experience by remembering your preferences for a personalized interaction without compromising your anonymity.
  • Advertising Cookies: Utilized for contextual advertising based on content interaction, not personal data, aligning with our commitment to privacy in the Web3 space.

Your Choices

You control your data. Manage your cookie preferences directly in your browser settings to enhance your Edge Video experience, understanding this may affect certain Web3 functionalities.

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