Terms of Service


Welcome to Edge Video, a leader in Web3 streaming services. Our terms govern your use ofour AI-powered interaction, gaming, and shopping platform, integrated with FAST channels.

Platform Use

  • Web3 Interaction: Engage with our services in compliance with Web3 standards, respectingcommunity guidelines and the decentralized nature of our offerings.
  • Content and Intellectual Property: Enjoy content and participate in gaming and shoppingexperiences while respecting the intellectual property rights embedded within the blockchain.
  • Token Use and Transactions: Interact with $FAST tokens in accordance with our guidelines,supporting fair and equitable use within our ecosystem.

Disclaimers and Limitations

Our Web3 platform is provided "as is", with continuous development to enhance features and user experience. Edge Video disclaims all liability related to the evolving nature of Web3 technologies and the experimental stage of blockchain integrations.

Jurisdiction and Governance

These terms are governed by the principles of decentralization and community governance inherent to Web3, with a commitment to transparency and user empowerment.

Amendments and Community Feedback

We embrace the dynamic nature of Web3, inviting our community to contribute to the evolution of these terms through open dialogue and feedback.

Contact and Support

For inquiries, partnership proposals, or to join our team, please reach out via Stay updated on developments and announcements through our main page and social media channels.

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